As retailers become more customer centric and nurture the adoption of this mindset across their business, the role of the chief customer officer will lose importance.

The chief customer officer (CCO) has become a business-critical role since the flurry of appointments began in 2015 – when Tesco appointed Robin Terrell, Asda Barry Williams and House of Fraser Andy Harding.

However, as retailers become more customer centric in everything they do will the role be relevant in the future?

In the second episode of Retail Week’s four-part podcast Customer experience: what every retailer needs to know, produced in association with Oracle, Harding and Amara chief customer officer Maddie Melson suggest that in several years the answer may be ‘no’.

Customer centricity will be embedded in the DNA of all successful retailers, throughout every department, leaving the role of the CCO irrelevant.

No longer requiring a CCO may be a future benchmark of customer experience success, leaving them free to pursue new goals and climb the ladder.

“No longer requiring a CCO may be a future benchmark of customer experience success”

However, how will retailers get to that point and what does this new customer-centric approach mean for recruitment across the wider business?

Register now to listen to episode two Creating a customer-centric organisation, where Harding, Melson and Oracle HCM strategy director Andy Campbell discuss:

  • Why UK businesses are becoming more customer centric
  • How to drive customer experience strategy throughout a business
  • The impact, legacy and future of the chief customer officer
  • What this new approach means for wider recruitment and training

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