From virtual reality runway shows in fashion stores to the rise of the chief customer officer, customer experience is retail’s new battleground.

Retailers are operating in a crowded market that is saturated by choice, where loyalty is hard to come by, and looming political and economic uncertainty is impacting consumer confidence.

As a result, share of the consumer wallet is a fiercely contested prize and retailers are transforming their business models to become truly customer centric as they vie to outpace the competition.

Strategically, customer experience might be the future, but is the industry prepared? What do retailers need to think about? How should they structure their organisations and drive through change? Where should they invest?

These are the questions keeping chief executives and chief customer officers – the latter role a product of this trend over the past three years – up at night.

Retail Week’s new podcast series, Customer experience: what every retailer needs to know, produced in association with Oracle, is here to provide the answers.

Over four episodes we will tell you:

  • What a great customer experience looks like and how a strong brand sits behind it all
  • How to create a customer-centric organisation when it comes to team structures and skills
  • What leading customer experience looks like in the final mile and why it is critical to get it right
  • Which initiatives and investments will deliver the greatest return on investment

Today we are launching episode one, Customer experience – why it matters, where you will hear from Peter Ruis, chief executive of Jigsaw; Darren Williams, consultant and former international director at T2; Samantha Helligsø, head of brand at Missguided; and Peter Bambridge, director of retail and consumer goods at Oracle.

Register to hear their views on what your customer experience proposition should look like, from in-store to online to sense of brand.