Wal-Mart has demanded that its toy suppliers resubmit testing documentation for existing toys amid the global storm over toys manufactured in China.

With the Christmas season approaching, Wal-Mart has taken moves to reassure customers that it is doing everything possible to ensure that the toys it sells are safe.

Its initiative follows a massive product recall by the world’s largest toy maker, Mattel, earlier this month – although Wal-Mart’s move involves several suppliers.

The first toy tests it will check are those targeted at children aged under three and those with surface coating or magnets that a child could put in their mouth.

Wal-Mart has hired independent laboratories to conduct an average of 200 additional tests a day. The retailer believes that the extra testing will help smaller toy brands that have not had access to testing previously.

The extra documentation checks and testing are designed to guarantee the safety of customers and ensure that they have the latest information. Wal-Mart will be revealing the results of its checks to the toy industry.

Before the end of the month, Wal-Mart will be working with the Toy Industry Association on the introduction of new measures aimed at ensuring higher standards. The retailer has also vowed to support companies in China that are implementing new testing procedures.