Pay-as-you-go mobiles to be sold through kiosks
Vodafone is rolling out its strategy to sell pay-as-you-go mobile phones from vending machines.

Following a successful pilot in Manchester two weeks ago, the QuickPhone Kiosk could be taken to high streets, train stations and nightclubs as early as next year.

Vodafone UK head of retail Tom Devine said: 'Increasingly, more people know what they want from a phone and want to buy it when it suits them. Vodafone's QuickPhone will revolutionise the industry by allowing self service in almost any location.'

The kiosks are aimed at people who have lost their mobiles or visitors to the UK who need a phone. The machines vend pay-as-you-go mobiles from£30, or SIM card packs costing£5.

QuickPhone was developed using 3G technology that informs Vodafone of stock levels. This will enable the scheme to be implemented in remote locations.