Good weather and wider factors have more impact
The latest of a string of reports on shopper traffic following last week's bombings in London show that UK trading may have been hit, but not by much.

Shopper volumes monitor FootFall found that UK numbers fell by 8 per cent compared with the previous week, saying the result underlined the resilience of UK consumers in the face of such tragic events.

FootFall business planning director David Smyth noted that shopper numbers in London were badly affected in the days following the attacks, but that figures for the UK were less affected, with consumers likely to respond by getting back to normal as quickly as possible.

He added that customer traffic for the weekend would be affected by warmer weather, with consumers more inclined to spend time outdoors than on the high street.

He said: 'It is clear that the state of unrest in retail will not be helped by the events of last week. However, when put in the context of the potential additional impact it could have had on consumer confidence, it appears that it may be a short-term blip in normal consumer behaviour, with the wider economic factors having more impact.'