Woolworths confident of strong Christmas
A 1980s revival is likely to propel Transformers robots into the list of top 10 toys this Christmas, variety store group Woolworths says.

The Transformers, which change from normal vehicles into fighting robots, are likely to be popular on the back of an expected blockbuster film released later this month.

Woolworths said another seasonal top seller is likely to be the FurReal Parrot, which repeats words spoken to it and 'boogies to all the latest hits'.

The UK toys market is worth£2.1 billion a year and is vital to embattled Woolworths, which relies on second-half performance for its profits.

Woolworths head of toys Nick Hill was optimistic about its prospects. He said: 'This is the best Christmas toy line-up for some years.

The top 10 toys are likely to be:

- Dr Who Dalek voice changer helmet

- Roary remote control car

- FurReal Parrot

- Barbie Island Princess Talk and Sing Styling Head

- Transformers Movie Arm Blaster

- FlyTech Dragonfly

- Eternity II

- Spiderman Ultimate Web Browser

- Dancing Iggle Piggle

- Spidersapien