Tesco has signed up actress Amanda Holden to star in its Christmas TV campaign alongside its existing duo Fay Ripley and Mark Addy.

Holden is the latest addition to the Tesco family and plays Penelope, Fay’s glamorous and slightly snooty nouveau-riche sister. The first of two Christmas ads airs this evening. Carolyn Bradley, Tesco UK marketing director, said: “Amanda brings extra sparkle to our Christmas campaign. She plays the part of Fay’s posh sister perfectly and really seemed to enjoy herself.”

Penelope is aimed to be a cross between Hyacinth Bucket from BBC comedy Keeping Up Appearances and party girl Paris Hilton. Dressed in bright outfits with lashings of pink lipstick, sparkling jewellery and bouffant hair, Penelope appears a wealthy woman but is not quite as posh as she would like to be.

Set in a Tesco stores, the ad features Fay and Mark browsing for Christmas gifts. Fay calls her sister to ask what presents her family might like and Penelope reels off a list of desirable and expensive gifts including cameras, computer games and toys.

Mark gets the items which the grocer claims are cheap at Tesco prices.

The next instalment airs in two weeks.