Tesco is trialling a new app that allows Clubcard users to receive and redeem their loyalty coupons on their smartphones.

The app means coupons that would otherwise be sent in the post can be sent straight to a shoppers’ smartphone.

Shoppers can use them in store by dragging and dropping the coupons they want to redeem. They can then spend the coupons by scanning a barcode that appears on the app screen.

The Clubcard app is currently available to shoppers in Plymouth, and Tesco says it will wait to see what customers think of the service before rolling it out elsewhere.

Tesco UK Clubcard director Katie McQuaid said: “We’re excited to launch this trial in Plymouth as part of our ongoing plans to deliver new innovations for our customers.

“This new app makes it easier for customers to redeem their coupons and so far lots of customers have downloaded it. Initial feedback has been positive and customers like the fact that they can keep track of their points balance on their smartphone.” 

The app is one of several that Tesco is trialling at the moment. Another, Tesco Finder, allows shoppers to choose a home store near to them, and make a shopping list of what they need from Tesco’s online store.

The app will tell the shopper if the products are available in their closest store and tell them exactly in which aisle to find each product.