Shopify is expanding its accelerated checkout service Shop Pay to include retailers not on its platform.

The ecommerce platform says turning Shop Pay into a commerce component helps enterprise customers “upgrade their customer experience without having to rip and replace all of their commerce infrastructure”.

This enables retailers based in the US, Canada, UK, Australia and New Zealand to access the accelerated checkout service with over 100 million users.

Accelerated checkout services securely store payment information to allow for a speedier purchase. A recent study by one of the big three consulting firms revealed Shop Pay boosts conversion by as much as 50% compared with guest checkout.

The data also found that Shop Pay outpaces other accelerated checkouts by at least 10%, and having it as an option even when it isn’t used by a buyer results in a 5% higher conversion rate.

Those with a Shop Pay account will be automatically recognised by Shopify when they visit an online store.

Shopify vice-president of product and chief operating officer Kaz Nejatian said: “Enterprises that don’t take advantage of Shop Pay are self-sabotaging. They are leaving money on the table.

“This is a critical optionality in a hyper-competitive retail environment. In an economy where big brands are competing more fiercely than ever to acquire customers, they need to pick and choose what they need to boost the top line, without the compromise of a complete platform overhaul.”

Shopify will also upgrade its existing integration with payment platform Adyen to make it easier for merchants on the platform to accept a large range of payments in markets around the world, including credit cards, Apple Pay and Google Pay.