Klarna has partnered with retail experience agency Stellar Global to deliver a virtual shopping solution for ecommerce brands.


Klarna has teamed up with Stellar Global on a virtual shopping solution 

The solution works by combining Klarna’s technology with Stellar Global’s virtual retail teams to give brands the opportunity to engage online traffic while browsing.

The chat functionality allows Stellar’s product experts to speak to customers directly while offering live advice and product insight. 

Customers can also start a live video chat with a product expert who can broadcast live from a studio where Stellar’s teams can showcase products, help with onboarding or answer technical questions.

The solution will provide brands with a platform to create content for online and social media, and gives them an opportunity to run virtual masterclasses and mass onboarding events to increase revenue.

The virtual services from Klarna and Stellar aim to boost online conversion rates, average order value and customer retention.

Stellar Global chief executive Emma Ede said: “We are thrilled to finally be able to launch this amazing partnership. As a business, we know that delivering a customer experience that makes an impact is paramount to securing sales, improving advocacy and creating customers for life. 

“With Klarna, we have found the perfect partner to deliver amazing experiences virtually and at scale – allowing us to help more brands thrive in an ever-more competitive space.”

A Klarna spokesperson said: “We’re excited to collaborate with Stellar Global to bring great value to brands and shoppers globally through virtual shopping.

“We look forward to providing best-in-class retail excellence to our global consumer base and enabling brands to engage with their audience in this way.”