Shopify is launching its “Collabs” service in the UK to make it easier for brands and creators to connect and work together.

Shopify Europe, Middle East and Africa managing director Deann Evans

Shopify’s Deann Evans said ‘hundreds of thousands of creators’ use Collabs in the US

The ecommerce platform has introduced Shopify Collabs to the UK to help creators monetise their channels across social media platforms while providing brands with a new sales and marketing avenue.

Once a brand installs Collabs and makes its products and stores discoverable, creators will be able to join the brand’s community.

Collabs can then be used to manage the relationship and supply creators with unique links and discount codes to share with their audience.

Shopify says the service enables “brands to drive more sales with less effort”, creators can start “making money instantly” and both can “gain better visibility of the relationship”.

Shopify manages the entire process, meaning inventory, order and customer information are up to date and give a view of the brand’s multichannel sales.

The service is already available in the US and UK brands such as French Connection, Color Wow and Three Spirit Drinks are using Collabs.

Shopify Europe, Middle East and Africa managing director Deann Evans said: “Shopify Collabs is our commitment to enabling more people to become entrepreneurs and achieve economic independence.

“Both for creators looking to monetise their platforms and brands looking to reach new customers at a time when the cost of customer acquisition has gone up by as much as 80%, Shopify Collabs enables easier, more efficient and more profitable collaboration. 

“With hundreds of thousands of creators already signed up in the US, we’re excited to bring Collabs to the UK and usher new possibilities for creators and brands alike.”