Sony is the latest technology retailer to add an interactive display to its store windows.

Its Tottenham Court Road, Ilford and Bluewater stores have installed the interactive projection displays to support Sony’s Foam ad campaign and promote its range of digital cameras.

The window display at its Tottenham Court Road store incorporates branding and a TV screen showing the ad, as well as the window projection, creating a fully integrated promotional display.

Creative agency Pollen built special content to interlink with the ad, showing foam that can be wiped away by touching the glass in the window, to reveal the three new digital camera models. Each model can then be touched individually and selected to give the user more information about the product.

Pollen creative production director Andrew Hall said: “We wanted an interesting, hard-hitting display for the window that would take the Foam concept to a completely new level. By adding an interactive element to the display, we could take the advertising even further.”

Arcstream AV has worked with Pollen to install the system.