Sainsbury’s staff will be able to plan their shifts around “vital team matches” during the World Cup.

The grocer is introducing World Cup Working Hours that will enable workers to book time off, swap days, start or finish earlier, and time breaks to coincide with kick offs throughout the four weeks that the tournament runs.

The scheme is open to all of Sainsbury’s 150,000 employees  from all countries participating in the World Cup.

They will be able to take unpaid leave, make up lost time on another shift, swap shifts with non football fans

A Sainsbury’s spokesperson said: “Football is an essential part of the nation’s life, and we want to do all that we can to help fans enjoy their team’s success.

“While most requests will come from England fans, we’re also expecting to receive applications from fans that support other countries, such as Spain, south Africa, Greece and Nigeria.

“Putting these plans in place now will enable our staff to savour every moment – while ensuring our business runs smoothly.”