Retailers agree to support Church of England campaign
Two retailers have responded to a challenge from the Church of England for UK retailers to break the hold of products designed to shock or scare others on Halloween.

According to the Bishop of Bolton, the Right Reverend David Gillett, Sainsbury's chief executive Justin King and his Woolworth's counterpart Trevor Bish-Jones have both written in support of the Halloween Choice campaign.

The campaign was sparked last month by a letter from Gillett to the UK's biggest supermarkets. The Bishop said he wants supermarkets to help to curb the use of the originally Pagan festival to 'intimidate the vulnerable in our society'.

He also said that supermarkets can play their part in the campaign by offering 'alternatives to the horrific masks and costumes on sale'.

King apparently contacted Gillett and said that Sainsbury's seasonal buyers would 'act on this campaign next year'.

Bish-Jones said that Woolworths would give the Bishop's ideas 'full consideration'.

The Bishop said he had yet to get full responses from Tesco and Somerfield.

Morrison's and Asda have yet to reply officially to Gillett's letter, although an Asda spokesman has been quoted as saying: 'We are certainly not trying to trivialise evil or encourage bad behaviour -but we are in business to sell the kinds of things our customers want to buy.'

The campaign shifted up a gear this week with the launch of a web site and posters.