The digitisation of the store is essential in a competitive market where retail trends are being driven by the tech-enabled, hyper-connected consumer.

1. Reduction in overheads associated with bricks-and-mortar assets

The high street is evolving and retailers are optimising their store network by closing unprofitable sites as people opt for the ease of online shopping.

Through digitisation, retailers can connect the physical store more closely with their online presence through dynamic in-store content delivery.

Digitisation helps retailers adapt to a new era of shopping activity, enticing customers back in store to ensure a sustained high street presence.

2. Increase operational efficiency

Smart, context-aware signage engages shoppers and assists in honing more efficient, targeted marketing campaigns. Meanwhile, virtual assistants and in-store kiosks provide additional information and purchasing opportunities, while keeping staffing overheads to a minimum.

The entire organisation benefits from improved efficiencies through digitisation. UHD colour accurate displays, multi-touch LFDs and video walls, 3D holographic projection and collaboration tools provide visualisation and simulation in the design and production departments.

Digital posters facilitate outreach to warehouse and delivery staff, while digital signage and desktop visualisation ensure best operational efficiencies for internal processes and communication.

3. Deliver a better customer experience

Within the limitations of the above challenges, retailers must continue to enhance and deliver a memorable customer experience.

To see, feel, smell, taste, try on; only a visit in store allows you to experience the product before purchase without the hassle and disappointment of a potential return.

Digitisation assists in enhancing the in-store experience to ensure it satisfies the senses.

Lift and learn solutions, self-service kiosks, POS projection, touchscreens and mirror displays all help the customer to help themselves without the need (and cost) of sales assistants.

Large-format visualisation using LCD and dvLED videowalls and projection help to inspire, entertain and influence shoppers, providing the all-important in-store experience.

In today’s world, digital touchpoints surround us throughout our daily life.

From turning off your alarm as you wake, to your commute to work, to grabbing a coffee on your way to the office, to your shopping and leisure time, every interaction is in some way enhanced through technology.

In this context, brands are trying to cut through the noise and grab consumer’s attention. Their message and their medium needs to be smarter than the next; be it larger, brighter, more entertaining, better connected, yet sustaining a convincing ROI – digitisation is the trend.

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