I need to better plan for possible problems with our points of sale. What can I do to safeguard against it being down?

A maintenance plan could be helpful

Reliable EPoS systems are critical to maintaining customer satisfaction, and systems down mean lost sales and customers. Businesses are often wary of signing long-term EPoS agreements as they feel it will limit the opportunities for introducing new systems and functions.

One option is to work with a maintenance partner that can not only look after the existing EPoS infrastructure, but also advise on new technology, plan and implement future roll-outs and maintain mixed product estates, particularly in the current climate where retailers to need to control costs.

Vista Retail Support sales and marketing director Richard Cottrell says maintenance providers should tailor their agreements to suit the retailer’s needs. “Fast fix times, as short as four hours, are available to the businesses that will have limited or no checkout capability if even one EPoS system is down, while eight hours or next-day fix agreements are available to companies that are able to work off other tills in the short term.”

It’s also worth considering a structured preventative maintenance plan, which works on the basis that it’s better not to have an EPoS position unavailable at any time during trading hours. “Testing and replacing high-risk components at a time that won’t affect trading is by far a better plan than reacting to a failed EPoS position,” says Cottrell.

Furthermore, a reliable EPoS system will leave staff free to concentrate on customer-focused activities, while enabling businesses to reduce waiting times and ensure that their customers are served quicker and more efficiently.