Poundland is introducing popular Christmas products from overseas which it hopes will become as traditional in the UK as turkey and all the trimmings.

Poundland also aims to cement in consumers’ minds its shift to multiprice retail over the festive period with a simple price architecture of £1, £2 and £5.

The value retailer, owned by Steinhoff, will sell Christmas Eve boxes, inspired by tradition in many European countries where presents are given that day.

Parents could fill Poundland’s box with token gifts, such as a book or pyjamas, ahead of the big day.

It will also retail a variation on the ‘Elf on the Shelf’ sensation from the US. During December, parents leave the toy elf in different parts of the house so it appears somewhere new, or is doing something unexpected, when children wake up.

Pictures of what the elves get up to have gone viral on social media.

Poundland senior buyer Richard Brewin believed the boxes and elves could become standard UK Christmas customs in years to come.

He also said that Poundland will take the opportunity over Christmas to firmly establish its recently introduced stance as a multiprice retailer while retaining its reputation for value.

“When we land multiprice we need to do it seriously,” he said. “£2 and £5 are the next steps up in the change that people have in their pockets, but everything’s got to deliver proper value for the customer.”