B&Q has become the latest retailer to make changes to pay rates, following in the wake of grocery Goliath Tesco and variety store group Wilko.

Kingfisher-owned B&Q will increase minimum basic salary for all staff – including younger employees not covered by Government-led changes to the so-called ‘living wage’ – to £7.66 an hour.

However, there will be changes to the wider pay structure to make it “simpler”, which will mean some staff will lose out on payments they have become used to, Retail Week can reveal.

Pay on Sundays will now be the same as the other days of the week.

Pay on bank holidays will be standardised at 1.5 times normal pay. At present some staff are entitled to double time and others time and a half.

The forklift truck driving allowance is also being changed.

A B&Q spokesman said: “Our people are very important to us and B&Q is committed to being a good payer and remaining so in future.

“The proposed changes will make B&Q’s pay simpler, more consistent and more effective. They would enable us to recruit and retain the best people, so we can continue to serve our customers to the highest standards.

“These proposals will simplify our pay and rewards framework by removing inconsistencies and outdated allowances. No employee’s basic salary will be reduced as a result of these proposals.”

B&Q has started consulting employees on the planned changes and said that 90% of customer advisers will receive a salary increase from April 1, when the minimum rate rise will mean an equivalent of a full-time salary of £15,534.48.

The spokesman said: “We’re mindful it’s a challenging situation for some and are continuing to consult with our elected representatives on our proposals to compensate those affected.”

It was not immediately clear how many people would be winners or losers from the changes.

B&Q’s changes to pay rates follow those of Tesco and Wilko this week.