New Look chairman Phil Wrigley has urged retailers to work together to support industry bodies to maintain the health of the retail sector.

Wrigley, who relinquished his executive duties at New Look this week to allow him to focus on backing wider retail industry issues, told Retail Week that organisations such as the British Retail Consortium and the British Property Federation are “fundamentally important”.

“In the past people have been complacent and paid their subscription and said ‘leave it to the BRC’. Any body is only as strong as the support of its members, not just with subscription money but with support,” he said.

Wrigley added that retailers should shake off competition concerns and “not be cowardly and help each other to all prosper as best we can, for the benefit of a healthy retail business model and the customers”.

Wrigley’s immediate concerns centre around the double-digit increases to business rates likely to hit retailers next year and relationships with landlords.