Tesco is aiming to corner the family market with the launch of its budget priced tablet, Hudl.

The 7 inch Hudl tablet, priced at £119, will go on sale on September 30.

Tesco chief executive Philip Clarke said Hudl has been designed and built with its customers in mind. “Hudl is aimed at families and it is a year in the making, having been tested on our customers every step of the way,” he said.

Clarke said that figures from OFCOM show that three quarters of UK households do not have a tablet. He said their own research found that the technology is either too expensive or intimidating so Tesco aims to change that with Hudl. “We wanted to provide tablets at an affordable price but without compromising on the specification,” he said.

Hudl is on the Android Jellybean operating system meaning users can access everything on Google and it also has a ‘Tesco launcher’ button which means the grocer’s services are just one touch away. The launcher gives access to everything from Tesco’s groceries to F&F clothing, to Blinkbox movies and Clubcard TV.

Hudl also has a screen when users first switch it on giving advice on how to put in place measures to protect children. There are also a range of Hudl accessories, including child-friendly headphones.

Clubcard customers can also use their vouchers to buy a Hudl. Customers can double the value of their vouchers to buy a Hudl and its accessories.

Tesco chief information officer Mike McNamara said the device has a high specification. “Customers are very knowledgeable on technology and when you compare the specifications of Hudl with other devices of similar prices we will beat them hands down.”

McNamara said while Hudl is just being launched in the UK, he wouldn’t rule out rolling it out to its other international markets in the future.

Clarke said the launch is an important step in its multichannel strategy. “Tesco is changing,” said Clarke, “and all the changes are driven by technology”.

He called an end to the space race last year and repositioned the business to become a “world-class digital leader”.