Tesco and Morrisons lost share in the last quarter while Waitrose and the discounters continued to win shoppers, according to the latest data from Kantar Worldpanel.

Tesco’s market share fell from 31.4% last year to 31% in the 12 weeks to June 19 while Morrisons share fell to 11.8% from 12.2%.

Waitrose’s share grew to 4.6% from 4.4% last year while Aldi and Lidl both have a 2.8% share of the market, up from 2.3% and 2.6% of the market last year respectively.

Asda’s share remained static at 17.2% while Sainsbury’s grew from 16.4% last year to 16.6%. The Co-operative continues to lose share, down to 6.5% from 6.9%.

Till roll growth over the last 12 weeks shows Tesco recorded 1.8% growth, Asda 3.5%, Sainsbury’s 4.2% and while Morrisons was static.

Aldi growth continues to rocket at 24.7%, Lidl recorded 11.1% growth while Waitrose was 7.5%. Iceland recorded 6.3% growth.

Kantar said £213m went through the grocer’s tills in the Diamond Jubilee – a 11.3% uplift – week to June 3, growing the grocery market 3.2% overall.

Four week data show Asda led the market over the month to June 10 with 9.9% growth, Sainsbury’s grew 8.3%, Tesco 4.5% while Morrisons was the laggard at 2.6% growth.

Aldi recorded a 26.8% uplift over the four weeks with Waitrose up 9.2%, Lidl up 11.3% and The Co-operative up 1.2%.

The more recent data shows that Tesco is closing the gap on the rest of the market having leaked market share.

Kantar Worldpanel director Edward Garner said: “The remarkable growth rate recorded over the Jubilee is a sign of what’s to come during the Olympics when we expect grocery sales to soar. Competition is likely to be fierce with fortunes now considerably different among the big four.

“Both Tesco and Morrisons suffer share dips of 0.4 points this month whereas Asda and Sainsbury’s have seen their shares strengthen. The two retailers have taken different paths to growth with Asda expanding its estate through its acquisition of the UK Netto stores and Sainsbury’s enjoying a long-term trend of organic growth as stores are added one-by-one.  What both outlets have in common is strong price messages – Asda with its Price Guarantee and Sainsbury’s with its Brand Match – and this is supporting them well.”

The polarisation seen in recent months continues unabated with Aldi, Lidl, and Waitrose all holding on to all-time record shares – Aldi and Lidl both have 2.8% and Waitrose has 4.6%.  All three outlets have successfully appealed to their respective shoppers who are now spending more in store.

Garner adds: “Iceland is growing at nearly twice the market average lifting sales by 6.3% this period.  This is largely a result of the buoyant frozen food market, which tends to do well during times of economic uncertainty, and is currently the fastest growing grocery sector.”

  12 Weeks to 12 June 2011  12 Weeks to 10 June 2012 change
 £000s%   ** £000s %   **%
Total Till Roll31,167,120 31,861,600 2.2
Total Grocers23,548,960100.0%24,302,050100.0%3.2
Total Multiples23,026,95097.8%23,772,93097.8%3.2
Total Asda4,040,83317.2%4,181,95317.2%3.5
Netto134,0590.6%-  0.0%-100.0
Morrisons 2,865,09512.2%2,865,85511.8%0.0
The Co-operative 1,632,0756.9%1,586,0186.5%-2.8
Co-operative  1,623,0926.9%1,585,9936.5%-2.3
Farm Foods135,8930.6%136,4830.6%0.4
Other Multiples427,6341.8%467,3791.9%9.3
Symbols & Independents522,0102.2% 529,1182.2%1.4