Investors in Shop Direct have taken a hit after fears of a consumer credit crackdown triggered a sell-off in the company’s debt.

Investors saw the value of their investments slump 15%, losing £55m in total, since the beginning of the year, according to the Evening Standard.

The drop in value has come about thanks to the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) decision to look into overhauling high consumer borrowing rates.

The FCA review is due to come out within the next two weeks and could potentially damage businesses such as Shop Direct and BrightHouse, which both have a heavy reliance on consumer credit customers.

Shop Direct’s credit business was blamed for a lack of appetite from private equity and retail conglomerates when it attempted a sale last year.

The retailer, which has been seen as an industry leader in recent years, has gone through a turbulent time of late, with a major redundancy round and multiple departures of senior staff, including that of chief executive Alex Baldock, who left to take up the reins at Dixons Carphone.

He was replaced by former William Hill boss Henry Birch, who joined the organisation on Monday.