Asda boss Andy Clarke has reiterated his call for Sunday trading restrictions to be lifted after the election in May.

In England and Wales, stores over 3,000 sq ft can only open for six consecutive hours between 10am and 6pm, while small shops don’t face any trading restrictions. There are no trading restrictions in Scotland.

Clarke said: “I want them changed. Why is it right for a customer who wants to buy their milk, or eggs or bread before 10am on a Sunday morning or after 4pm in the afternoon have to pay 30 per cent more for their goods?

“That’s just fundamentally wrong. That, for me, is an example of Rip-Off Britain.

“You can have online shopping which you can do any time of the day and I think we’ve got a two-tier approach to the Sunday shopping experience.”

Sunday trading laws were introduced in 1994, however some retailers like Asda and Morrisons have since spoken out in favour of a review of Sunday trading hours.