Game Digital will buy a portfolio of stores from rival GameStop, which has decided to exit the Spanish market.

Game is taking on the leases, staff and inventory associated with each store it will buy and will also acquire all the remaining inventory held by GameStop in Spain.

GameStop has more than 102 stores in Spain and Game will only take on the profitable stores, which means an undisclosed number of the 102 stores will be closed this year.

The GameStop stores will be rebranded as Game stores and customers who try to visit the closed stores will be redirected to the nearest Game store.

Game will fulfil all customer pre-orders made with GameStop in Spain and reward card points and gift vouchers held by the company’s 470,000 reward club members will also be redeemable in Game stores.

US-owned GameStop will close its Spanish website and visitors will be redirected to Game’s Spanish language website.

The deal is subject to approval by the competition authorities in Spain, which are expected make a decision by the end of October.

Game Spain director general Pablo Crespo said: “We have worked closely with GameStop to help facilitate their exit from the Spanish market whilst ensuring continued support for their customers and the Spanish gaming community as a whole.

“The stores we are seeking to take on will help us to serve and engage with even more gamers and gaming communities across the country.”