Boots today airs its new TV advert for its No7 own brand make up as part of a marketing campaign featuring “real” women selected through holding castings on the street.

The advert for its Ta Dah! campaign promotes Boots’ colour cosmetics. It has been created by ad agency Mother and hits screens today in a 30-second slot on ITV1 before Emmerdale and runs throughout August.

The health and beauty retailer already claims not to airbrush its marketing images and use age-appropriate models within its Ta Dah! campaign. Now it has used women who were chosen through casting on the high street.

Boots said it wanted to showcase how real women feel when they try on new make up, while inspiring other women to do the same. The women aged between 25 and 55 include a charity worker and a nurse.

Boots is not the first retailer to use “real” women in its marketing. Last year Marks & Spencer launched a campaign which included one woman over 60 and different body shapes, ranging from sizes eight to 16.

Boots UK marketing director Elizabeth Fagan said: “Our ambition is to represent real women showing how they feel when they try out a new look, be it a slick of lipstick or a sweep of blusher, we want to encourage women to release their inner Ta Dah.”

The TV ad will then be supported by print and digital advertising.

Boots's new TV ad, featuring "real" women.