Bottled water drenches fizzy drinks products
Bottled water is gaining market share in the soft drinks sector over less healthy carbonated products. According to a report from Mintel, the volume of bottled water sold in the UK increased by 50 per cent between 1999 and last year. Against this, carbonates grew only 6 per cent over the period. This equates to a five percentage-point decrease in market share.

Mintel consumer analyst Amanda Lintott said: 'Health is a key driver behind the rising sales of bottled water, either because they [consumers] want to follow a healthier daily eating pattern or because they wish to maintain their fluid intake as part of a weight-reducing regime.'

Bottled water sales reached£1.57 billion last year, with an 8 per cent rise this year. Mintel expects the product line to reach£2.03 billion by 2010.