Some of the UK’s biggest retailers, including Asda, Morrisons and Selfridges, are backing a Parliamentary bid to extend Sunday trading laws.

Conservative MP Philip Davies, vice-chairman of the All Party Parliamentary Retail Group, is leading the charge to extend the number of hours retailers can open on Sunday, which is restricted to six hours for stores over 3,000 sq ft.

He said:  “I would like to scrap the Sunday trading restrictions altogether. The sky has not fallen in Scotland where there are no such rules. If people want to keep Sunday special that is fine, they can do so. It is about freedom of choice.”

Davies believes the rise in online shopping means the time is right for a change to the laws and he intends to table a series of amendments to the Deregulation Bill this week which MPs will be able to vote on before the summer, the Daily Mail reported.

Options will include abolishing the restrictions altogether, or to give local authorities the power to decide. 

An amendment allowing large garden centres to open for eight hours on Sundays is also anticipated.

Sunday trading laws were suspended during the London Olympics to allow retailers to capitalise on the additional tourism.

While Asda, Morrisons and Selfridges are backing the permanent changes to the law, Home Retail Group, Sainsbury’s and Waitrose are all against the relaxation of the regulations.