40% of online shoppers in the UK made at least one online purchase per week over the last quarter.

Kantar Media Compete Online Shopper Intelligence report showed that groceries, furniture and electronics dominated online shopping purchases in the quarter to September.

The average online shop over the last quarter:

 Online shopper spend
Furniture & home furnishings£254
Kitchenware & household appliances£101
Jewellery & accessories£79
DIY products & tools£76
Baby, children & toys£75
Sporting goods£60
Household essentials (eg toilet paper, razors, deodorants, toothpaste)£59

69% of online shoppers said they research products in-store before purchasing and 67% will buy the product online because they believe that they get better prices. 

The research showed that top five UK websites in the last quarter were:

Kantar Media Compete UK client services director John Thekanady said: “While the cost of living is increasing year-on-year, it is no surprise that many consumers are choosing to research carefully where the best savings can be made.  If that means visiting a shop to research a product, but then purchasing it online to save money, then it shows that UK shoppers are becoming savvier, perhaps out of necessity.”