Ebay has forecast m-commerce will swell 20% higher across this year than it originally expected as it revealed strong third quarter figures.


The online auction retailer has revised its $4bn prediction for m-commerce sales generated in 2011 upwards to $5bn.

Ebay UK retail director Angus McCarey said: “Mobile has fundamentally changed the way people shop, and mobile sales on eBay are growing in triple digits.  As mobile continues to blur the online and offline commerce environment, our focus is on enabling all commerce by helping consumers shop anytime, anywhere and with any device, and by helping retailers keep up with technological advancements.

“Retailers need to think about how to meet the demands of the connected consumer, who will soon expect a truly integrated shopping experience that flows from their phone, to the shop and to their Facebook profile.”

Analysis by IMRG found mobile sales as a proportion of a retailer’s overall sales have increased from an average of 0.4% at the beginning of 2010 to 3.3% in the second quarter of 2011.

Ebay revealed global revenue increased by almost a third (32%) to $3bn (£1.9m) in the third quarter to September 30. GAAP earnings for the quarter were $490.5m (£312), a 14%increase on the previous year.

Ebay reported its “strong” performance on earnings was driven by top-line growth, partially offset by investment in strategic initiatives and acquisitions.