Tesco’s cancelled pirate-themed staff party has coincided with a controversy around the retailer overstating its profits by £250m. 

There is not much to celebrate at Tesco these days. Even parties are being cancelled left right and centre. First Tesco’s former boss Philip Clarke had a party marking 40 years of service abandoned after he was shown the door. Now some staff parties in aid of Diabetes UK have been mysteriously shelved.

And the theme of the cancelled events? Pirates. Activities would have included a best pirate fancy dress competition and managers walking the plank.

The cancelling of the parties has coincided with a controversy around Tesco overstating its profits by £250m. 

Time will tell if someone has to walk the plank for the accounting mistake.

Former finance boss Laurie McIlwee has been exonerated after it emerged he abandoned ship back in April and he is reportedly walking away with a £1m treasure chest.

Happily the retailer is still raising money for Diabetes UK.

Tesco did however opt to go ahead with a Strictly Come Dancing-themed party. Let’s hope the accounts department is not tasked with scoring.