Belgian shoe retailer Brantano has announced the completion of its Chip and PIN accreditation process for 300 tills in its 140 stores across the UK.

The retailer claims it is one of the few mid-tier retailers that has managed this so far, and is the first accreditation to be passed by acquiring bank HSBC. The upgrade is being assisted by Itim, which supplied its Chameleon store system.

Brantano IT director Nigel Hickman said: ‘Our company is constantly expanding.

We sell desirable merchandise and don’t wish to become a target for fraud.’

Hickman praised the work of HSBC, although he noted that the accreditation process had been changed since the Northampton trial last year. He said all participants, including HSBC, Itim, Chip and PIN software provider Data Logic and connectivity specialist Allied Telesyn worked together as a team to get accreditation.

The chain will conduct a pilot at its Northampton store in May.

Correction: In Retail Week April 23, we stated that Brantano has selected Chip and PIN software from Data Logic.

It has emerged that the name of the company that won the contract to support the retailer’s Chip and PIN project is in fact Retail Logic.