Unlock the power of AI in your marketing strategies. Discover three secrets to success with AI and transform your ecommerce marketing. By Carl Bleich, head of content, Bloomreach.

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Artificial intelligence has emerged as a powerful game-changer in the world of ecommerce marketing.  

With its unmatched ability to sift through data and make sense of patterns, AI — specifically generative AI — is reshaping the marketing landscape in monumental ways. As a marketer, embracing AI might feel like stepping into uncharted territory, but rest assured, it’s a journey worth taking. 

Keep reading to learn how your company can win with AI in a crowded marketplace by embracing these secrets to success.  

AI-powered personalisation 

By harnessing the power of AI, digital commerce companies can deliver tailored experiences that truly resonate with their customers.  

AI analyses user behaviour, preferences and past interactions to tailor content for customers that hits the mark every time.  

Consider these three incredible AI-powered personalisation use cases as reasons your company needs to invest in AI to benefit its future:  

  • Product recommendations: Using AI to offer personalised product recommendations makes customers feel that your brand understands them and values them — and it simplifies their shopping experience online.
  • Contextual personalisation: Save your commerce-driving team hours by skipping the A/B testing and using AI to power contextual personalisation. This will also ensure your customers see the content they want from your brand.  
  • Sending communications at the right time: Do you know your customers’ favourite time to receive messages from you? If not, you can use AI to learn optimal send times and which channels to use

Using predictive analytics 

AI has opened up a whole new world of predictive analytics possibilities for ecommerce professionals.  
AI can predict customer behaviour with uncanny accuracy. It analyses past interactions, browsing habits and buying patterns, using this data to forecast future trends.  

For instance, if a customer frequently buys running gear, AI can predict when they might need new shoes and send a personalised offer just in time. This not only boosts sales but also makes the customer feel valued. 

Additionally, AI can identify wider market trends, helping businesses plan effective marketing strategies. If AI detects a surge in interest in eco-friendly products, a business can capitalise on this trend by highlighting its green credentials. 

Improve customer interactions with AI chatbots 

Businesses that have embraced generative AI are finding a friendly and smart ally with AI-powered chatbots.  

These chatbots are clever helpers that can revolutionise customer service, making it more efficient, personalised and engaging. They power conversational commerce strategies and can be your business’s always-on, never-tiring customer service representatives.  

These smart assistants learn from every interaction, becoming more knowledgeable and effective over time. They can recall past conversations, understand context and deliver personalised responses, creating an engaging and seamless customer experience. 

Just as ecommerce personalisation changed the last 10 years of online shopping, conversational shopping will mould the next 10 years of ecommerce.  

AI will power the future of ecommerce marketing 

AI is no longer a nice-to-have in marketing — it’s a must-have. It’s powering the future of ecommerce marketing, shaping strategies, and ensuring success in an ever-competitive landscape.  

Looking for more than just these secrets? Check out how AI-powered use cases can help your commerce-driving team drive revenue and prioritize customer retention today.

Carl Bleich

Carl Bleich is head of content at Bloomreach Engagement