Social platform Snap has said it is currently “exploring ways” to use generative AI, particularly to help brands and retailers strengthen their advertisements.

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Snapchat plans to better use Gen-AI to boost retailers’ advertising

At the ‘Shop with Snapchat’ event held at the company’s HQ in Farringdon, London today, Snap Inc’s product marketing manager Liam Clack informed the audience of brands and retailers that the company is looking to introduce generative AI to “improve ability, create ads quickly and reduce costs.”

He added: “Some of the testing we’ve been doing around Gen-AI recently has been about improving the product position and size to make it more visually appealing, and also enhancing and contextualising the background image to make the product pop and stand out.”

The use of AI and automation will continue to be a focal point for Snap, as Clack said it is “highly sought after” by users and retailers alike.

During the ‘Shop Key Products’ session, Clack said Snap has been “revamping” its offering for dynamic product ads, which are created through user data and behaviour, to make them more “personalised, relevant and intentional”.

Use cases

During a panel discussion, Boots paid social and display manager Jonny Bullock spoke about how the beauty giant has started to use Snap as a way to advertise and engage with shoppers.

Boots previously put 85% of its media spend into Meta social media, as Bullock admitted the team had to think about who uses Snap and why it could be a good opportunity for the beauty giant.

“We started off slow and started to see engagement and conversion metrics; then we scaled the budget further,” he said.

“Investment in creative scale is key for us. Now we’re at a place where we can invest more in Snap and see where we can improve it.”