Mastercard’s personalisation platform Dynamic Yield has announced the launch of an advanced generative AI shopping tool for consumers.


Shopping Muse translates consumer searches into tailored product recommendations

Shopping Muse aims to recreate the store experience by translating consumer searches into tailored product recommendations and suggesting coordinating products.

Customers can use the tool to explore trends and receive recommendations based on their searches over time. 

The tool also takes the shopper’s individuality into account based on session browsing history or past purchases to improve its suggestions.

Shopping Muse has been developed through Dynamic Yield’s personalisation capabilities to combine contextual and behavioural insights, which produce recommendations based on retailer keywords and visual cues as well as the consumer’s profile.

Mastercard acquired Dynamic Yield in 2022 to help bolster its suite of consumer engagement and loyalty services.

Mastercard president of data and services Raj Seshadri said: “Solutions like Shopping Muse are the next natural step in the retail revolution and are core to putting the consumer back at the centre of the journey.

“At Mastercard, we’re putting technology and machine learning to work to deliver better outcomes for both brand and consumer.”

Dynamic Yield by Mastercard chief executive Ori Bauer added: “Personalisation gives people the shopping experiences they want, and AI-driven innovation is the key to unlocking immersive and tailored online shopping.

“By harnessing the power of generative AI in Shopping Muse, we’re meeting the consumer’s standards and making shopping smarter and more seamless than ever.”