Ikea has helped to develop a new augmented reality (AR) experience that teaches customers about marine life and sustainability.

Lilla Äventyret game screenshot

The game is an extension of Ikea’s Blåvingad toy collection

In partnership with Meta and Warpin Reality, the Swedish furniture chain has created the AR game Lilla Äventyret (little adventure) to deploy across 21 stores in Sweden for a limited period.

The game opens once a QR code is scanned in-store and it functions as a filter in the Instagram app. 

By walking between different stations, users can try out different parts of the game and see learning opportunities, facts about underwater species and take pictures with the game’s animal filters.

The experience aims to build on the use of AR innovation in retail, which will become more widely available in stores to spark engagement, build brand identities and offer new ways to interact with products. 

The new game is an expansion of Ikea’s Blåvingad toy collection that launched in October, which is partly produced from recycled plastic cleaned from the oceans.

Ikea retail Sweden marketing manager Helena Gouveia said: “We are constantly exploring new ways to meet our customers. Currently, we’re doing so by developing a game for everyone looking for a fun experience for the whole family. 

“The game is based on our collection Blåvingad, as well as children’s interests and curiosity, but also on their concerns related to our oceans. Thanks to the game, children can learn more about marine life and what happens under the surface while they are in our stores.”

Warpin Reality chief executive Emma Ridderstad added: “It’s been great to create this innovative family experience in AR with Meta and IKEA. Working closely with Meta, we’ve challenged and tested the boundaries of SPARK AR, moving from a simple filter to creating a unique experience for the whole family. 

“It’s inspiring to see how Ikea is exploring new possibilities and, at the same time, it’s a great example of how AR can be used to enhance the in-store customer experience. We are proud to have been part of this project.”