Credit card provider Barclaycard has created a glove that can be used to make contactless payments for products at a till.

Barclaycard contactless gloves

In a bid to cut queue times, Barclaycard has designed ‘contactless payment gloves’ that allow customers to pay even if they have their hands full of shopping bags.

The gloves are embedded with the company’s ‘bPay’ contactless chip that can be linked to a credit or debit card and used to pay for transactions of up to £20.

The payment system has been designed in response to research by the business revealing that 74% of shoppers say that queuing is one of the most frustrating elements of Christmas.

A fifth of respondents said that they struggle to pay with their hands full of bags, and that ‘gloves that you could pay with’ were the wearable item they would most welcome to solve the problem.