Asda is rolling out RFID (radio frequency identification) technology to improve stock visibility for its George clothing line.

The technology is being placed on each piece of stock in store, meaning store staff can keep track of where each product is.

Stock levels can then be viewed on a real-time dashboard that shows staff stock volumes in each store, and allows them to locate missing pieces of stock on the shop floor.

It also gives them a clearer picture of how much stock they have in each store by improving the quality of data on stock levels, making it easier for staff to ensure they are fully stocked in each line and size. Asda is working with Tyco on the roll out.

David Mills, Asda’s head of strategic availability projects, said: “Our customers trust us to be always available and expect their size option to be in store or online when they want it. With Tyco’s RFID-based application, we hope to enhance our inventory accuracy and stock availability in-store.”

RFID technology works by attaching small chips that contain product information to items of stock. They communicate via radio waves with the central system. The technology is the same as that used in Transport for London’s Oyster card system.