Amazon has unveiled a host of new Echo devices at its Seattle headquarters as it prepares to launch its touchscreen-enabled Echo Show for UK shoppers.

The online retail giant has added its Echo Show device to its UK retail website for shoppers to pre-order. The device, which is already on sale in the US, will be available here in November.

The Show device has a host of new features including video streaming, weather forecasts, shopping lists and displaying song lyrics.

Users can also make video calls and use the device as a security camera if it is linked up with other Echo devices.

The Echo Show will cost UK shoppers for £199 and includes all the functionality of the original Echo device, including the voice-activated AI-powered assistant Alexa.

Amazon unveiled plans to roll out the touchscreen-embedded Show device for UK and European shoppers alongside a host of other Echo devices.

The retail giant will start selling a larger Echo Plus device which will act as a ‘home hub’ and control Internet of Things-enabled third-party products in the home such as smart light bulbs.

There is also the Echo Spot, which comes equipped with a 2.5-inch screen and built-in camera and can act as an alarm clock, stream visual feeds and make video calls.

There is also the Echo Connect, which connects landlines and becomes a speakerphone.

Amazon’s latest model of its original Echo device is also smaller than its predecessor, comes in different colours and is priced at £100, making it more affordable than Google’s £129 Home device.

The online retailer also revealed a partnership with BMW to embed the Alexa voice assistant into some of its cars, including its Mini brand.