Campaigners are planning to form a human chain on Oxford Street today to mark the anniversary of the Rana Plaza disaster in Bangladesh.

The disruption on the UK’s busiest shopping street is intended to urge retailers to be more transparent about their supply chains, the Guardian reported. Campaigners are scheduled to meet at 1pm opposite Bond Street tube station.

The move forms part of an international day of action after 1,138 textile workers died when a clothing factory in Bangladesh collapsed a year ago.

Campaigners including Labour Behind the Label, War on Want and Made in Europe believe the international response to the disaster has been underwhelming, with a compensation fund for victims of the disaster remaining less than half full.

Primark, one of the most high-profile retailers to have used a supplier in the Rana Plaza building, revealed yesterday it had paid out $12m (£7.14m) compensation in total.

The union Unison is calling on members to observe a minute’s silence at 11.38am. Meanwhile shoppers are being urged to put pressure on retailers to be more transparent by asking on social media “who made my clothes?”.

As a result of the disaster safety initiatives have been developed and factory checks are under way although most parties agree more needs to be done.

The Ethical Trading Initiative, a British body backed by retailers including Marks & Spencer and Primark, said in a group statement: “There is a need for increased momentum. Unsafe factories must be urgently identified and repaired, so that people can enjoy safe working conditions.”