Eve is first and foremost a direct-to-consumer, ecommerce brand, but having a ‘real life’ footprint is a key driver of growth that helps build an emotional connection (and engagement) with potential customers.

Our Sleep Suite at The Town Hall Hotel & Apartments in Bethnal Green, London is primarily about continuing to build brand awareness of Eve and our growing product range.

From Monday, January 29 we will be hosting a week of events, panel talks and workshops, all with a view to helping people sleep better.

The Sleep Suite also offers the opportunity for wider brand-building via social media, PR activities and across our communication channels.

“The Sleep Suite gives people the chance to touch and feel our products. Naturally, there will be the ability to purchase products at the Sleep Suite too”

Jas Bagniewski, Eve

While the purchasing of mattresses and other sleep-related products continues to experience a shift to buying online, we see a physical in-store presence, like our retail partnerships with Fenwick, Next Home and Debenhams in the UK and Karstadt in Germany, as an important part of our strategy and marketing mix.

These partnerships naturally have a positive impact on brand awareness and customer attraction across the UK and our European markets.

In addition, the decision to avoid store ownership means we can offer our customers a simple proposition – high-quality products at a much more attractive price point by having a low and flexible cost base.

Eve is in the business of designing premium sleep products from mattresses, pillows and bed linen to home textiles, combined with a simple and efficient customer journey which makes buying those types of products easier than ever before.

At the same time, we acknowledge that improving a person’s sleep isn’t always possible by simply buying a product. It helps, but of course there is a lot more to it, and that’s also important to us.

Adding value

Eve is a brand that strongly believes in authenticity and our Sleep Suite is about offering people added value.

We are now seeing a much wider public discussion around the importance of sleep to people’s health and wellbeing, which is why we are working with trusted experts and influencers who have credentials in sleep to host events aimed at helping people improve the quality of their sleep.

At the same time, the Sleep Suite gives people the chance to touch and feel our products. Naturally, there will be the ability to purchase products at the Sleep Suite too.

As one of the first direct-to-consumer sleep brands, we like to think that Eve has played a part in making the mattress industry sexy again.

We all do some pretty important things on a mattress – sleeping, of course, having sex, reading to our children – whatever it is, they’re worth spending money on, so it is important to have a great product.

But why not start creating something that is actually worth talking about; that looks good? You can build a brand around anything if you’re creative enough.

  • Jas Bagniewski is co-founder and chief executive at Eve Sleep

Retail Week Live

Jas Bagniewski is speaking at Retail Week Live – the UK’s premier festival of retail and consumer commerce – taking place in London on March 7-8, 2018.

The event attracts over 1,400 retail chiefs and leading business personalities who gather to experience the unique combination of networking, inspiring content, strategic thinking and innovation.

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