About half of consumers who shop online have signed up their payment cards for the online security systems Verified by Visa and Mastercard SecureCode, according to Apacs.

Some 25 million credit and debit cards have been registered for the schemes, which require consumers to create a password that verifies their identity when they use their card to purchase goods online. The total has risen from 10 million cards in August last year.

Retailers have been reluctant to make the systems compulsory on their sites, because of an increase in basket abandonment. But this figure suggests that consumers are getting used to the systems.

Although there are 144 million credit and debit cards in issue in total, Apacs said that only 50 to 55 million of these cards are used to shop online.

Some 1.5 million cardholders a month are now registering their debit and credit cards with
the schemes.

Apacs said that take-up of the card security systems by retailers on their sites is continuing to increase, and those that have integrated the systems with their web sites so far handle about a third of the total value of the UK’s online shopping.