Invitation to join King's team
Sainsbury's has opened the door to Asda managers made redundant in last week's 1,400 job cuts by inviting them to come and join Justin King's turnaround team.

The number three grocer, which has been clawing back market share from the Wal-Mart-owned business, this week published an ad aimed at Asda staff in the Daily Mail and human resources press.

The ad features a closed door in Asda green alongside a number of open doors in Sainsbury's orange, with the headline: 'One door closes, another 560 swing wide open.'

The ad says: 'If the door to advancement has been closed off then why not knock on a door that's open to you -

at Sainsbury's.'

While Sainsbury's is regaining momentum under Justin King, Asda's growth, albeit against much stronger comparatives, has been slowing.

Last week, Asda president and chief executive officer Andy Bond spoke of the need to simplify the business and 'make it fit for the future'. The 1,400 cuts included 200 at its Leeds and Lutterworth offices and 1,200 senior staff at stores.

However, Asda revealed this week that it is creating 2,250 frontline customer-facing jobs - at junior level - in an effort to improve service. Bond's plan echoes that of King who, following his business review, recruited 3,000 staff for shopfloor roles to improve service and

availability. Sainsbury's market share now stands at 15.9 per cent, according to latest TNS figures, while Asda's is 16.4 per cent.