Sainsbury's kicks off restructuring of HQ operations

Sainsbury's managing director Stuart Mitchell is leading a review of the retailer's Holborn head office, which may lead to significant restructuring at the grocer.

Mitchell said that the review will be a rolling programme throughout this year. 'I am leading a review of the business centre,' he said. 'The primary objective is how we can serve our customers efficiently and quickly. We are looking at processes and organisational design to make us do what we are supposed to do more effectively.'

Asked if the review would lead to job cuts, Mitchell responded: 'Under organisational changes, things happen.'

Separately, Sainsbury's has won planning permission for a 1,395 sq m extension to its hi-tech Hazel Grove store in Manchester.

Mitchell would not comment on what the space will be used for. However, it is understood the extra space will enable the grocer to test its new non-food range, due to be launched this autumn.

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