A simple omnichannel experience is key in today’s retail world if you are to get flawless feedback from shoppers. HomeByMe’s Daniel O’Meara lets you in on the secrets of securing a five-star review

Every retailer is constantly rated and compared. According to Today’s Homeowner, 95% of consumers read online reviews as part of their buying journey when it comes to shopping for DIY. It’s a reflex for almost all consumers these days.

Although this can be daunting, analysing reviews of retailers from across the industry offers valuable insights that can be used to improve experiences.

What are customers looking for?

According the a recent consumer survey conducted by HomeByMe, these are the three most important things for customers when deciding which brand or retailer to choose:

  1. The reputation of the retailer or brand
  2. A wide range of products and product availability
  3. A fast, user-friendly website experience

A retailer’s reputation is at the top of this list, so it’s essential to optimise every consumer interaction in today’s crowded market and ensure positive online reviews.


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This is especially important in the DIY sector, given that 60% of homeowners chose not to get professional help with home remodeling in 2022, presenting an opportunity for retailers to thrive in this changed market.

Although many retailers, from DIY firms to fashion and everything in between, are attempting to improve online and in-store purchase experiences for their customers, and considering implementing omnichannel solutions, it can be difficult to know exactly what they need to do to become a five-star retailer.

How to achieve five-star reviews

What are the elements that go into getting a five-star rating? And what are the practical steps that retailers can take to get these ratings consistently?

It’s all about seamlessly combining online and in-store experiences.

Consumers want to be able to begin their shopping journey online, potentially researching different products, and then come in-store to interact with the products and finalise their orders.

Offering visualisation and personalisation at every stage is key.

Unless the overall experience is truly outstanding then customers are very unlikely to leave a five-star review. Therefore retailers with a robust omnichannel strategy backed up by a seamless, consistent and easy-to-use digital platform accessible both online and in-store are the ones who will succeed.

In its latest report, HomeByMe examined hundreds of real online reviews to discover the secrets behind the success of the world’s highest-rated DIY retailers and how others lower down the scale can improve.


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By reading this report, retailers will:

To discover how to enhance customer interactions in DIY retail and receive the five-star reviews that determine success in today’s market, download the guide now.



Daniel O’Meara


Daniel O’Meara is northern Europe sales manager for HomeByMe Enterprise, a Dassault Systèmes brand.