The value of retail sales excluding fuel rose by 3.2% in June compared with the same month last year, according to the ONS.

Volume sales excluding fuel was also up 3.1% on the previous year.

On a three-month basis, the value of retail sales were up 3.2% and the volume was up 2.6%.

The value of food sales were up 1.7% for June, and non-food sales were up 3.7%. Within non-food, household goods were up 4.4% while clothing and footwear was up 3.3%.

In volume terms for June, food sales were up 0.2% and non-food were up 4.4%. Household goods increased by 6.1% and clothing and footwear sales were up 4.2%.

The value of sales excluding fuel for June, compared to May, was up 0.6%, and the volume was up 1%.