Arrive at almost any airport in the UK and the first thing you’ll probably do before you finally head for your gate is visit what is normally one of several branches of Boots.

It matters little whether it’s insect repellant, sun cream or maybe just
toothpaste, all of us will have had this particular retail experience.

Not so in Ireland’s capital, where a visit to the recently opened Terminal 2 at
the airport reveals a 2,150 sq ft Pure Pharmacy. The store puts the Nottingham-
based retailer’s travel offerings somewhat in the shade. For a start there
is the high-gloss open-sided entrance where two large green pillars marry up
with the green cross that is the recognisable symbol for a pharmacy.
The other point about the shop frontage is the overriding use of clinical
white: externally and internally. This means that long before you even get a
sense of the product mix, there is no mistaking the kind of shop this is.

Internally, the shop is divided into several clear sections with zones for cosmetics, pharmacy, holiday, and a semi-standalone Body Shop that is situated just inside the line that separates store from airport. The whole effect is arresting and this local Irish operation has succeeded in creating something that looks new and that beat off international competition when the opportunity to open a pharmacy at the airport was put out to
tender. At the best of times, airports tend to be places in which you impatiently while away the hour or so before heading off. But if more shops were of the standard set by Pure Pharmacy, the experience would be altogether more acceptable.