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    Not On The High Street (Strategy)

    Following years of rapid growth, Notonthehighstreet has endeavoured to bolster profitability during the most recent financial years to give it a firmer footing for investment going forward.

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    Ecommerce at Not On The High Street

    As a marketplace, Not On The High Street’s strategy revolves around offering a large amount of choice, but also helping shoppers to navigate that choice.

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    Technology strategy at Not On The High Street

    Not On The High Street is one of a handful of etailers who started out in the mid-noughties building its own technology – largely because what it needed wasn’t already available on the market. Today, things are different as Not On The High Street has committed to adopting cutting edge technology and is consistently spending heavily on technology and marketing.

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    Supply chain at Not On The High Street

    Not On The High Street is a marketplace, which means that everything on its site is sold and dispatched directly by the small businesses that make or source the products themselves. As such it does not hold any stock itself.

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    Stores at Not On The High Street

    Not On The High Street is an online marketplace and as such it does not operate a store network. However, in a bid to increase exposure and reach out to key target markets, the etailer has experimented with pop-up stores for specific campaigns.

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    Customer and marketing at Not On The High Street

    Not On The High Street is transitioning from focusing predominately on gifting to branching out into the wider lifestyle market. This forms a central part of its strategy to become a year-round destination for online shoppers rather than third or fourth choice behind the likes of Amazon and eBay.