Value chain Matalan has launched a review after it was found to be selling padded bras for children as young as eight.

A report by the The Sun found Matalan was selling padded bras in 28AA sizes, dubbed ‘pocket money bras’ because of the £4.50 price. It also sold what The Sun claimed to be sexually provocative T-shirts for children as young as three with one T-shirt featuring the slogan “Don’t even think about it”.

Matalan issued a statement in which it said it would commence an immediate review. It added: “Matalan is a family retailer and is committed to only selling clothing for children that it considers appropriate.”

Last year value retailer Primark removed a £4 padded bikini top for children from sale following media pressure, and other retailers including Tammy, Tesco, Next and Peacocks were found to be selling padded bras in kidswear sections.

In December last year a government inquiry was launched to consider whether new rules are needed regarding the production of items such as T-shirts with suggestive slogans, lap-dancing kits, high heels and padded bras to pre-teens.