eBay has launched a new “resell on eBay” feature to allow users to list their clothing on the website in a couple of clicks.

The new feature will be built into authentication firm Certilogo’s Secure by Design digital ID, which is accessible by scanning a connected product’s smart label.

eBay said the development is part of its commitment to creating “easier ways for brands and buyers to participate in the circular fashion economy”.

The feature works when a user scans the QR code on the product’s smart label and a “resell on eBay” button is then shown on the item’s digital profile.

Once the user clicks the button, they will be directed to check the authenticity of the item through Certilogo’s authentication system via their eBay account.

An eBay listing with information from the brand about the item will then be shown and the user is redirected to the listing page on eBay where they can fill in any missing fields or edit information before officially listing the item for sale.

eBay acquired Certilogo last year in a bid to boost pre-owned authentication through digital authentication technology in the form of an AI-powered digital ID printed on the product tag. 

The technology allows brands to manage the lifecycle of the products and helps customers “confirm authenticity” and “activate circular services”.

Italian outerwear and lifestyle brand Save The Duck will be the first brand to pilot the new feature in May.

eBay global general manager of fashion Charis Marquez said: “eBay is focused on delivering solutions to brands while curating an elevated marketplace for buyers and sellers.

“Reducing friction and removing barriers to brands and consumers engaging in re-commerce is crucial to fostering a pre-loved fashion marketplace. 

“Our new resell feature helps brands keep their product out of landfill while giving consumers an incredibly easy way to give their item a second life.”