eBay has topped Vinted and Depop to be named the most popular secondhand platform in December 2023 as demand for pre-loved gifting surged over Christmas.

Retail Week can reveal that eBay received a total of 203.6 million site visits in the UK across its desktop, mobile and app sessions during December 2023, up 1.54% year on year, according to the latest data provided by Similarweb.

During the week leading up to Christmas weekend, eBay recorded a total of 83.6 million visits and this was overtaken by 85.4 million visits the week after.

 PlatformTotal number of site visits in December 2023 (UK data)
eBay 203.6 million
Gumtree 18.1 million
Vinted 13.5 million
Depop 2.8 million
Vestiaire Collective 974,400

Source: Similarweb

Despite this, Vinted was the fastest-growing secondhand platform in December, with visits up 104.18% year on year to reach a total of 13.5 million.

Gumtree came in second behind eBay, with 18.1 million site visits during the month, down 8.48% year on year. Depop also recorded a drop in visits by 15.06% to a total of 2.8 million.

Across all sites, visits to secondhand platforms last December were up 8.2%, reflecting an increased demand for pre-loved products. 

Similarweb senior digital consultant Inès Durand said: “Secondhand platforms have been growing in the last few years, with Vinted being among the fastest-growing apparel sites for the second year in a row in the UK.

“All channels together, including app sessions and web traffic, show an uptick of 8% year on year between December 4, 2023, and January 7, 2024. The biggest surge in traffic took place during ‘panic week’, the week before Christmas, which indicates that Brits no longer hesitate to turn to these marketplaces for their shopping amid the cost-of-living crisis.   

“Vinted was the winner, the Lithuanian platform saw its visits jumping by 81% year on year in the three weeks to Christmas Eve and 78% year on year for the two weeks after. This suggests that some users were also trying to resell some of their unwanted Christmas gifts.  

“According to our data, Gumtree lost out with an 8.5% year-on-year decline in all channel visits (mobile apps and web traffic) in the overall analysed period.

“Vinted’s popularity as it expands its services beyond secondhand clothes with a stronger focus on providing a secure platform is the likely reason behind Gumtree’s fall in traffic. 

“Vestiaire Collective was another popular option. The luxury circular marketplace witnessed a 17% year-on-year traffic increase in the weeks leading to Christmas, which highlights that consumers may be ready to compromise on the price but not on the quality of their gifts and purchases.”